Validate and Pay a Bill

If you have read the blog post regarding “How to Record a New Vendor Bill”, Here is the next step. Learn how to Validate and pay a bill! 

To Pay a bill you need first to Validate a draft bill by simply clicking validate.

Once the vendor bill is validated, a journal entry will be generated based on the configuration on the invoice. This journal entry may differ depending on the accounting package you choose to use.

To create a payment for an open vendor bill directly, click on Register a Payment at the top of the form.

From there, you select the payment method (i.e. Checking account, credit card, check, etc…) and the amount you wish to pay. By default, Odoo will propose the entire remaining balance on the bill for payment. In the memo field, we recommend you set the vendor invoice number as a reference. Odoo will auto-fill this field from the vendor bill if set it correctly.