Keeping timesheets up to date is a surefire way of keeping a keen eye on the visibility of a project in real-time. Use the Odoo timesheet app in order to keep track of the work done.

In Odoo, a manager can validate their employee’s timesheet in a glance. The employees can add a description of what they did on each task and project. This gives us a better idea of what has been done, and preventing communication issues and save time.

Install the timesheet app. Under Timesheets ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, choose the unit of measure to register your timesheet. This provides tools and widgets to help you encoding

Minimal duration is the minimum time at which a task is recorded.

Rounding up allows you to time up or down to the nearest minutes or hours. For example: if the interval is set to 30min, a 14min entry will show up in reports as 0min, and a 29min entry as 30min.

To add a timesheet click Add a Line and Fill in all fields and click save.

You can view timesheets by week or month by simply clicking on WEEK or MONTH. You can validate and do see a report in seconds.


Now you can monitor your budget by project and manage your schedule using the Timesheet app!