Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an essential tool for businesses. This increasing popularity of social media platforms connect businesses with customers and boosts leads. Posting from time to time is important.  Use them actively to find new customers and keep your followers engaged. Prospects can make assumptions about your company within seconds so its a key to have a social media presence

Scheduling and posting may feel like its a full-time job especially if you have a lot of social media accounts. Odoo has a solution for you!  Odoo allows you to create, schedule, keep track, engage with your audience, and measure results that save you time and help you to successfully execute your online strategy, from posts to results.

Install Social marketing app. In your Dashboard, you can see all of your streams.

Add stream>Choose social media account to link, and grant the required permissions to add your accounts.

You will be redirected to your Feed and a column with the publications is automatically added.

You can then add new accounts and/or streams, such as Facebook mentions, and customize your Kanban view.

Adding social media accounts to your feed will also link KPIs. To get redirected to the statistics page of the social account, click on Insights.