Odoo Subscription Management

Subscription can turn into a huge source of revenue for a business. With the Odoo subscription Management Module, a user can easily manage subscriptions for his products. For a business owner, it helps to analyze the demand for his products in the future. 

Here are the basic features of Odoo Subscription: 

  • Users can easily get a subscription to products. 

  • Create subscription plans 

  • Admin can also add a trial period on the plans. Hence the duration will start after the completion of the trial period. 

  • Admin can create a product as a subscription product and assign the subscription plan. 

  • The subscription will get created automatically when the sales order gets confirmed and at least one subscription type. 

  • Subscription can be closed at times. 

  • Draft subscription can be canceled anytime. 

  • The subscription also creates manually. 

  • Invoice related to subscription has been generated automatically.

Save time by setting payments to automatic. Invoices are automatically issued for successful management.