Odoo Sign

Odoo Digital Signature App is a fast and convenient way to send, sign, and approve your business documents.  you can prepare contracts by dragging & dropping blocks to be completed by the parties, submit signature requests in seconds, and track the status of sent documents. 

What are the benefits of our easy and fully integrated electronic signature solution?

Go paperless and forget hidden costs like printing, copying, faxing, scanning, shredding, and posting. Everything is accessible online, from any device. Never lose important documents again. You never have to wait for days or even weeks for all parties to sign your documents. Move forward and close your deals in just a few clicks. You can Eliminate manual operations and improve the quality of the documents filled out and signed. Make sure parts that require a signature are signed.

In Odoo, the documents are encrypted to ensure only authorized people can access the content and that the document. Odoo keeps the authoritative document under control at all times. Any activity on the document (read, sign, etc.) is encrypted to ensure document inalterability. An audit log report is available to all the parties at any time.

Documents signed via Odoo Sign are valid electronic signatures. They also meet the requirements for electronic signatures in most countries.