Odoo Discuss

Have you tried using Odoo Discuss? This feature is very helpful to you and your teammates. Odoo Discuss is a messaging app that allows you to have a private conversation as well as group chats and its also integrated with every other Odoo app. This will also enhance your team's communication as well as reduce internal emails. Choose which conversations you would like to follow and manage your messages and notifications easily from within the app and create channels for team chats, conversations about projects, meeting coordination and more.  

When you open your Discuss app. There you'll see on the left side is the Inbox, Starred, History, and Channels and Direct Messages. 

Follow a discussion thread

In Odoo, you can keep track of virtually any business object, Opportunity, quotation, task, etc. by following it. 

Choose events to follow

You're able to choose which types of events you want to be notified about. Below you can see an example that shows options available when following a task in the project app. 

Add followers

You can invite other users and add channels as followers. by adding a channel as a follower will send messages posted in the chatter to channel including a link back to the original document. 

Be a default follower

You are automatically a default follower of any item you create. In some applications like CRM and Project, you can be a default follower of any new record created to be notified of specific events like a new task created or an opportunity won. 

You're all set. Make the most of Odoo Discuss app!