Multiple Websites

In Odoo, you can create multiple websites. Multiple websites are needed by large organizations which have diverse products or services lines.

With multiple websites, you can highlight each of your brands or services separately.

Odoo’s Multi-Websites opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of diversification and customer segmentation for your business. A multiplied audience and boosted revenue are now just a few clicks away! Each website can work in a fully independent way, with its theme, branding, domain name, header & footer, pages, languages, products, blog posts, forum, slides, events, live chat channels, and a lot more!

To create a new website, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings. The button, Create a new website, lays in the first section.

In the upcoming prompt, set a name for your new website and a specific domain name. Leave empty to publish the new website under the default domain of your Odoo database. 

Select a theme. This new website might have an entirely different purpose or audience than the first one. So feel free to go for a different theme!

Once the theme is selected, you can start to build the homepage of your website. Follow the purple drops; they will help you in the first steps.

You can switch from one website to another. There is a website switcher in the right corner of the edit bar.