Importance of ERP in Businesses Affected by COVID-19


    Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The disease was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The Covid-19 has become the great plague of our time, with 3.12 million confirmed cases and 217 thousand deaths have been reported worldwide. With the absence of any vaccination, the situation has rolled out of our hands and governments across the world have been struggling to keep the death count as low as possible. Research centers and scientific communities around the world have been working day and night since the discovery of this disease to manufacture a vaccine. The global economy has come to its worst at the moment. Supply chains have been disrupted, production has been stopped and due to the lock down of various parts of the world, and business firms are being shut down indefinitely.

    To overcome this situation, We need to get out of the limits of this pandemic. With several scientific communities and institutions working actively for a cure, hopefully we'll be released from this misery soon. Once we are relieved from this situation, the business should function more efficiently to restore our economic stability. Boosting the business to a greatly productive stage requires modern and innovative measures. Using ERP at your firm is a key solution for this. ERP tool that comes accessible at this kind of situation. An ERP like Odoo, with its A.I.-based Business Intelligencereduces workforce requirements and increases productivity by helping to utilize a company’s full resources effectively and thus attaining maximum productivity. What are the things Odoo has to offer in this business crisis? Let’s explore.

Minimum Workforce

The automation of various tasks and functions of business aspects like Manufacturing, CRM, Purchase, Inventory, eCommerce, etc. allows the company to run properly even at the times when employees are not available. Production, Invoicing, automation of Manufacture, Purchase, and Stock movement with the aid of previously set rules provides perfectly navigated paths for your business. These facilities can be highly useful once the production is restarted. Some industries which have the permission to manufacture applied a strict safety measures can work properly with minimal employee number.  With only a handful of integral employees and the production shutdown, you can keep your company alive by utilizing our CRM, Purchase, and Sales, Project and Planning modules by planning tasks and activities for approaching times.

eCommerce and Lockdown

Due to the COVID-19, eCommerce platforms around the world have reported from around 70% to 190% increase in sales of pharmaceuticals, grocery and everyday products. There may be companies with warehouses and outlets full and unable to selloff any product because of the lockdown and quarantine. In such a situation, with Odoo you can immediately set up a new eCommerce website to keep the sales going.

Remote Management

Remote management is the key feature of any ERP and Odoo does it well. Various governments have imposed intra-transportation curfew on countries along with the lockdown act. This, in fact, backfires business organizations with traditional paperback management schemes. With transportations cut off, the physical presence of employees in the office is impossible and this results in the complete shutdown of some companies. But with Odoo, you can manage every integral activity from your home. All you need is an access to internet and a computer. Keep your business activities flowing by having access to your company’s database at anytime and anywhere, thanks to Odoo’s highly efficient functionalities and Business Intelligence.

Virtualization of Transactions and Business Communication

Virtualized transactions and Internet Banking facilitate the transaction of money between bank accounts/E-Wallets and they replace transactions with currency. Even though almost all of the business organizations have adopted these methods for trading, the accounting has to be done separately. But Odoo’s integrated platform enables you to solve this problem. With Odoo, you can avail of all your transaction details in the Accounting module, as it is automatically shared. Now, this facility is more than necessary for firms as the traditional paperback accounting is almost impossible. 

Also, another important aspect of a successful business is effective communication. Ensure secure business communication, within your organization and to your clients and partners, without any spill of confidential information. Odoo ensures the sharing of the project and other integral documents between employees of any numbers, who are not physically present but remote from each other. Effective communication is the key to survival and growth, especially in these challenging times.


The whole purpose of an ERP is delivering quality management services at with low cost to the company. With production put into an indefinite halt and company revenue at its lowest, it would be important to find the apt ERP provider offering robust and customized service, keeps lowering business management costs at its minimum without compromising the quality of service.

    Even though we are going through tougher times, this too shall definitely pass. With entrepreneurs investing their whole life in their business, we will do our best to keep your business safe and alive. Stay safe and Healthy.