How to record a new Vendor Bill

What is a Vendor Bill?

A vendor bill is an invoice received for products and services purchased from vendors. You can send a request via purchase order. It is a document issued by a company to a vendor or supplier, indicating the type, quantity, and price for products or services ordered from them.

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To record a new Vendor Bill go to Accounting App >Purchases ‣ Vendor Bills 

To register a new vendor bill, start by selecting a vendor and inputting their invoice as the Vendor Reference, then add and confirm the product lines, making sure to have the right product quantities, taxes and prices.

Save the invoice to update the pre-tax and tax amounts at the bottom of the screen. You will most likely need to configure the prices of your products without taxes as Odoo will compute the tax for you. 

From this, you can Validate and Pay your bill with Odoo. You can now easily pay vendors for the correct amount and at the right time.