Commands and Canned Responses


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Canned responses are predetermined responses to common questions.

In fields such as technical support, canned responses to frequently asked questions may be an effective solution for both the customer and the technical adviser, as they offer the possibility to provide a quick answer to common inquiries while requiring little human intervention. 

Use commands

Commands are shortcuts that do specific actions within the chat window:

  1. /help: shows a help message.

  2. /helpdesk: creates a helpdesk ticket.

  3. /helpdesk_search: searches for a helpdesk ticket.

  4. /history: shows the last 15 visited pages.

  5. /lead: creates a new lead.

  6. /leave: leaves the channel.

To access the ticket or lead created from the chat, click on the shortcut link.

Canned responses allow you to have a full piece of text being placed when you type a shortcut word. To create them, go to Live Chat ‣ Configuration ‣ Canned Responses.

To use them during a conversation, simply type: followed by the shortcut word you created.