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About us

iBAS Software Development Services

iBAS   Software Development Services is a premiere Odoo Partner, the first and the most experienced Philippine supplier of Odoo in the Asia/Pacific. Our in-house team work with businesses across the Philippines, North America, United Kingdom and Europe to provide the analytic, project management and technical skills to ensure your Odoo implementation delivers exceptional value for your business.

iBAS was created in 2018 from a merger between industry leaders in ERP delivery, Excode Innovations Corp and Microwurx information Systems. The merged companies have a combined experience of over 60 years in the analysis, consultation, development, implementation and training of ERP, BI and CRM systems.

iBAS is also the developer and distributor of the iFMD (iBAS Food Manufacturing and Distribution) ERP software. iFMD is a comprehensive integrated suite of accounting, inventory management, production, sales and operations software, specifically designed for the timber industry. iFMD has 25 distinct modules covering all areas of business including financials, supply chain management, sales and distribution management and inventory management. 

Our Mission

iBAS’ mission is to provide expert professional services to ensure your ERP implementation is not only successful but delivers a solid platform for growth. With our highly acknowledged personalized support and consultation services, we take pride in working side by side with our customers as their business grows.

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Our Core Values

We operate following some simple principles:

Embrace change and innovate 

We are ambitious at IBAS, which means we're always seeking opportunities to iterate on great ideas and see where change can take us. We have a strong foundation of success which means we have an arsenal of experience to guide our adventures, but we also want to make sure we're trying new things, embracing change, and trusting in the guidance of our leadership and teammates to lead us to worthy challenges.

Ask for help, offer help, and grow from your experiences 

We are a team of leaders, which means there's a lot of incredible knowledge to share amongst our team. We want you to think independently and try new things, but also seek feedback and help from others when necessary. We're on a mission to succeed collectively, which means we need each other to get there.

Collaborate with an open mind and strive for excellence, together 

Ego plays no role in the work we do: open yourself to other perspectives so you can find the best solution for the opportunity at hand. Different perspectives lead to innovative ideas as well as team bonding, both of which we think make for a pretty great team here at IBAS.

Be accountable to yourself, our clients, and the integrity of the work we do 

The success of our clients' projects is in our hands, so we have to operate with the utmost integrity to build a strong foundation of trust and accountability within our team. There's no shame in 'fessing up if you've hit a roadblock; it's the only way to embrace an opportunity for learning.

Challenge the norm with respect and empathy 

We want every single team member to think independently and contribute their unique perspective to any of the work we do. Push the boundaries of "what we've always done", because we can't get to the next phase without thinking creatively. With challenging perspectives comes a deep level of required respect and empathy, recognizing that a differing path has its own reasoning and validation.

Communicate effectively: be transparent, honest, and respectful 

We can't know what we can't know: if you feel uncomfortable, lacking in support, or simply have a great idea you'd like to share with the team, talk to someone. As an organization, we strive to be transparent in the direction we take and explain the reasons why when possible. We are an open team, which means vocalizing our needs, our challenges, and our passions publicly and often.